The Only Firearms Training Technique Guaranteed to Blow Away Your Competition!

blow away your competition

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If I could convince you that there is only one firearms training technique that is guaranteed to blow away your competition, would you use it? What if I told you that this one technique is cheaper and safer than any other way of training with firearms and it can even be done in your home? Would you think it’s too good to be true? Listen up — it’s not! In this article, I’m going to share with you the secret training technique I used as a Navy SEAL Firearms Instructor and now teach in my private courses.

If you’ve read my bestselling book, How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL or subscribed to my firearms training blog, you already know the secret. For the rest of you, I could tell you the secretbut then I’d have to kill you. All joking aside, I’m guessing most of you have heard of this technique but may have questions about how it works or don’t know the benefits. What I am talking about is, of course, dry fire training. [Read Full Article at…]