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Help Put a Navy SEAL on the Cover of Men’s Health

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Help Put a 100% Service-Disabled Navy SEAL Veteran on the Cover of Men’s Health!

Well, I’ve been truly blessed with my life.

I’ve got an amazing, beautiful wife, two bright, hard-working boys and a skyrocketing business built around helping others.

A few months ago a friend suggested I enter the Men’s HealthUltimate Guy” Search. I figured it wouldn’t hurt so I filled out the application, sent out a Tweet and forgot all about it…


A few day’s ago I received an email from Men’s Health informing me I’m one of 100 finalists!

Well, I’m honored and I’m here to ask for a small favor from you because I’d like to see a 100% service-disabled Navy SEAL veteran (me) on the cover! What do you think?

Last week I gave away over $85,000 in free ebooks to thank you for your support. Today, I need your help.

Please vote for me. It will take less than 10 seconds of your time (although you CAN do it once a day —HINT, HINT).

To vote, just follow this link and click on the green VOTE button. That’s it! [NOTE: Voting Ends -8/01/16]

Thank you for your continued support.


P.S. The congressional investigation I was a whistleblower for has ended and the report is now public! I’ll be filling you (and the nation) in on ALL the details, including the names of all the cowards who put our nation’s servicemen and women’s lives at risk, proof that they lied to investigators and proof they retaliated against me for being the only person with enough integrity in the USCG DSF to do what was right. Although 80% of the report is redacted because it shows the USCG investigators investigated ME and not my safety concerns, I’m just glad they failed to redact ALL the names in the report. (They are now also part of public record.) I guarantee — EVERY ONE of the cowards who lied to investigators WILL BE EXPOSED.

This is going to be fun!

semper paratus?