Can I get some love?

I had the honor to sit down with Ryan Michler, founder of Order of Man, and discuss the lessons I learned as a Navy SEAL that has helped me become a bestselling author, successful entrepreneur and (most importantly) a father to two amazing young men. If you've never had the good fortune of being part of a successful team or are just looking for ways to improve one...

Listen and learn how successful "TEAMS" operate:

  • Take responsibility
  • Encourage others
  • Ask for help (and help others)
  • Master your job
  • Sacrifice

“All we’ve done in the SEAL Teams is harnessed the power of working as a team.”

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Teamwork is something we hear a lot about but it’s not something that we typically delve into too much because we’re all expected to know what it means to be a team player.

Ryan Michler
Founder of Order of Man

Unless you're a hermit, this is a discussion you do not want to miss!