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How to Pick the Best Carbine for Home Defense

best carbine

Can I get some love? Direct Impingement vs. Short Stroke Piston SystemsOk, folks, here I go. Yup, I am going to open that can of worms to find out what’s the best carbine. First I’ll say that I am a fan of both operating systems and both will work well as long as you purchase […]

Navy SEAL Firearms: My Top 5 Favorite Weapons

Navy SEAL firearms

Can I get some love? I recently posted a list of my Top Five Must Have Weapons Systems for Navy SEALs. I came up with that list when my good friend and bestselling author of Target America, Scott McEwen asked me for my top five weapons. Since I’m a believer that we are the weapons […]

New Rules of Marksmanship — Physics


This week I wanted to take a break from writing and decided to shoot a video for rule #3 in The New Rule of Marksmanship Series:Physics – Using mechanics, not methods to dramatically improve your shooting and build a solid foundation.

The Second Habit of Highly Effective Shooters

The Second Habit of Highly Effective Shooter: Good Grip

Can I get some love? GripYour grip is your connection to your weapon system. Without a good grip, your weapon will go to the path of least resistance and your shots will fly aimlessly off their mark. Most novice shooters will grip their gun by copying what they’ve seen in pictures or movies, but there’s […]