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No One Left Behind [Podcast]

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Pin0 Share0 If you want to have a glimpse of my life as a father and a husband, this podcast pretty much has it all (maybe too much?). Ray Matz Jr. of Game Changing Dads and I have an awesome time talking about my journey—from my humble beginnings to how I […]

The Top 10 Training Books of 2017

Recently I’ve had several people ask me if I had a recommended reading list. Although books and the power I believe they can hold have always been important to me, I’ve never really stopped to think about the ones that have had the greatest impact on me and in a sense, made me who I am.

Why Virtuosity is Important in Shooting Fundamentals

Virtuosity of shooting fundamentals

As a Navy SEAL I learned that there is no such thing as good enough and as SEAL Sniper I learned close enough is enough to get someone killed. Everything we did in training and on missions was done with the goal of perfection – anything less and we went back to the drawing board and figured out a way to go from good to great to ensure we were better than the enemy. When it comes to firearms training, if you want to be a truly great shooter, you too need to seek perfection in every aspect of your training program. Because unlike leisure endeavors’, shooting is literally either hit or miss. There is no, close enough when it comes to taking low percentage shots in a high-stress environment. This means not only a strong foundation in the shooting fundamentals, but performing the fundamentals exceedingly well – it takes Virtuosity.

Navy SEAL Reading List: Books I’ve Read and Recommend (2016)


Can I get some love? As a firearms training guru and ferocious reader, I had been asked by so many people what books I recommended, that two years ago I released my first recommended reading list.Since that time, I have consumed hundreds of books (not all good), which have helped shape my life, family, health […]

Help Put a Navy SEAL on the Cover of Men’s Health

ultimate guy search

Can I get some love? Help Put a 100% Service-Disabled Navy SEAL Veteran on the Cover of Men’s Health!Well, I’ve been truly blessed with my life.I’ve got an amazing, beautiful wife, two bright, hard-working boys and a skyrocketing business built around helping others.A few months ago a friend suggested I enter the Men’s Health “Ultimate […]

New Rules of Marksmanship — Mindset

The New Rules of Marksmanship - Mindset

Can I get some love? I decided to write the New Rules of Marksmanship series to teach you the method behind my madness — what’s gong on in my head. And that’s exactly where you need to start if you want to become a great shooter. The first rule — Mindset.Become an M.V.P. ShooterYour shooting […]



Can I get some love? Please join us in thanking Allen J. Ward for writing the following tribute to a great American Hero.Six years ago, on March 17, a fearless sacrifice was made by a modern day “Gold Knight” and Christian “Crusader.” Chief Adam Lee Brown selflessly sacrificed himself during a raid against Taliban fighters […]

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