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How to Win a Gunfight

how to win a gunfight

Here’s an old FBI training video from the 60’s. It’s about 14 minutes long and talks about training techniques as well as using cover and the effects of ricochets. It’s interesting to see what techniques were used back then and what ones still apply today.

How to Effectively Teach Gun Safety for Kids

Gun Safety for Kids

In the United States on the second Sunday in June we observe Children’s Day, a special day where we focus on improving their health and safety. This special day for kids predates both Mother’s and Father’s Day with celebrations in America dating from the 1860s and earlier. So in honor of this special day, I wanted to talk about something I take very seriously and that is firearm safety.

How to Shoot with Both Eyes Open


One of the most important skills to learn for any “non-range” shooting situation is how to shoot with both eyes open. You want to take in as much visual information as possible. If you look like Cyclops when you shoot, these simple drills will having you quickly seeing just one sight post while also seeing the whole battlefield.

Speed Kills: Learn How to Shoot Faster by Slowing Down

train your brain: shoot faster

Well, the easy answer is to pull the trigger faster! And unfortunately, that’s what most “instructors” (please check background) will teach. Sure they’ll make stuff up about manipulating the trigger a certain way or having a better grip…so basically you’re saying…do better…to shoot faster?

Eye Dominance and How to Shoot with Both Eyes Open

eye dominance

Learning to shoot with both eyes open can be a bit challenging. The main reason is that it’s hard to describe exactly what you’re supposed to see when you do it. Because I talk about shooting with both eyes open a lot, I get lots questions on how to do it. So i created a video to not just tell you, but show you what I see when I shoot with both eyes open

How To Shoot At Home And Have Fun With This Dry Fire Pencil Drill


Can I get some love? Save even more money on ammunition by adding this dry fire pencil drill to your home training.They say the pen is mightier than the sword — but what about the meek little pencil? More proof that you have everything you need to train right at home!Clear out your gunSharpen a […]

The Top 3 Firearms Training Myths and How to Fix Them

firearms training myths

Can I get some love? Today I’m going to share with you three of the biggest firearms training myths 99% of people learning to shoot hear and how to instantly fix them. I’m also going to introduce you to a new product that is going the make your training faster and easier.OK, so if you […]

New Rules of Marksmanship — Constant Feedback

constant feedback

Can I get some love? Do it Right or Not at All!There’s only one way to do that — Constant feedback.Check out this video to learn what it is and how you can have someone watching you, even if you’re alone. (Sad face)Click Play… Key Takeaways… Do not learn a new technique without a way […]

The New Rules of Marksmanship — Deliberate Practice

deliberate practice

How you practice is much more important that what you practice when it comes to firearms training. Find out how you can use deliberate practice to train smarter and faster than ever before in this weeks video.