How to Get Your Firearms Training on the Right Course


Has your firearms training hit a dead end? Not progressing as fast as you’d like? The problem likely isn’t with the instruction; it was with the input (or lack thereof) into the personalized plan you made to reach your goals. You did make a personalized plan…didn’t you? If not, don’t feel bad. Even some of the best shooters in the world don’t understand how to successfully put together an effective firearms training plan. If you adopt these three simple steps, I’ll get you off your dead end path and on the right course.

Visualization – Free Firearms and Self-Defense Training!


One of the most neglected areas I see in any of the combat arts is mental conditioning. Normally when most people think about mental conditioning, they think of a good combat mindset. And having a solid combat mindset is vital and possibly the most important tool for you to have if you plan on defeating your enemies. But there are other mental conditioning skills you can use to increase your odds of hitting your threats under stress and living to tell the tale.

Speed Kills: Learn How to Shoot Faster by Slowing Down

Shoot Faster

Well, the easy answer is to pull the trigger faster! And unfortunately, that’s what most “instructors” (please check background) will teach. Sure they’ll make stuff up about manipulating the trigger a certain way or having a better grip…so basically you’re saying…do better…to shoot faster?

Vision and Shooting – What Next? (No matter your age)

vision and shooting no matter your age

No Matter Your AgeOkay, you might have seen the “Vision and Aging” series and figured it was for old folks.  To some extent, you were probably correct. Maybe you read them, and believe those vision problems are still decades away.  Or perhaps you’ve begun to notice some of the problems covered in the articles.  You might […]

The Seventh Habit of Highly Effective Shooters

Seven habits follow through

Follow-through is a term that most of us have heard from the first time anyone taught us about marksmanship fundamentals. But it is also one of the most neglected. Maybe because it’s last on every list that shooters assume it’s the least important, but neglecting the follow-through can negate all the steps you previously took to deliver an accurate shot. Follow-through simply means that you continue to apply all fundamentals of marksmanship after the weapon fires. A proper follow-through allows the weapon to deliver the round precisely on target and recoil in a natural and consistent manner. To follow-through in shooting, you need to do the following:

The Third Habit of Highly Effective Shooters – Sight Alignment

seven habits sight alignment

Right after the invention of rifling, sight alignment is the most important contribution to man to fire an accurate shot. Sight alignment and sight picture are two terms that are often used interchangeably and many times used as one and the same. It’s fine to put them together once they are both understood, but it is vital to know that they are two different and vary distinct things. Sight alignment has nothing to do with the target (well, besides hitting it) and I will be covering this relationship in the upcoming, The Fourth Habit of Highly Effective Shooters.

The Fifth Habit of Highly Effective Shooters – Breathing

breathing and shooting

I remember being taught what many of you were likely also taught in regards to breathing as a marksmanship fundamental…to hold your breath. At the time it made sense. I was being told this by an instructor who shot better than me and who was running the course of instruction I was attending. I was in the military at the time and being taught by some of the best shooters in the world. Specifically I was told to, “Shoot during the Natural Respiratory Pause.” I did this for many years as a SEAL Sniper and never found any reason to question what I had learned.

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