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How to Effectively Teach Gun Safety for Kids

Gun Safety for Kids

In the United States on the second Sunday in June we observe Children’s Day, a special day where we focus on improving their health and safety. This special day for kids predates both Mother’s and Father’s Day with celebrations in America dating from the 1860s and earlier. So in honor of this special day, I wanted to talk about something I take very seriously and that is firearm safety.

Firearms Safety – A Tactic You Can’t Live Without

firearms safety as a tactic

One of the sayings you learn as Navy SEAL is, “If you aint cheatin, you ain’t tryin.” It means that most rules tend to be limiting and if you want to win, you need to learn how to “bend the rules.” But the key here is that I said most rules, not all. Some rules are mandatory no matter how high-speed you are and those rules are the ones written in blood.

Improve Your Grip Strength = Improve Your Shooting

Grip Strength

I’ve been shooting for the majority of my life and one thing I’ve heard everywhere I go is the importance of trigger control. It’s a delicate control…Don’t Pull it! You need to Press it…No…it needs to be constant Pressure…No, No, No…You need to Caress it and whisper sweet nothings to it so it will move straight to the rear.

How to Shoot with Both Eyes Open


One of the most important skills to learn for any “non-range” shooting situation is how to shoot with both eyes open. You want to take in as much visual information as possible. If you look like Cyclops when you shoot, these simple drills will having you quickly seeing just one sight post while also seeing the whole battlefield.

How to Get Your Firearms Training on the Right Course

firearms training

Has your firearms training hit a dead end? Not progressing as fast as you’d like? The problem likely isn’t with the instruction; it was with the input (or lack thereof) into the personalized plan you made to reach your goals. You did make a personalized plan…didn’t you? If not, don’t feel bad. Even some of the best shooters in the world don’t understand how to successfully put together an effective firearms training plan. If you adopt these three simple steps, I’ll get you off your dead end path and on the right course.

Visualization – Free Firearms and Self-Defense Training!

mental conditioning

One of the most neglected areas I see in any of the combat arts is mental conditioning. Normally when most people think about mental conditioning, they think of a good combat mindset. And having a solid combat mindset is vital and possibly the most important tool for you to have if you plan on defeating your enemies. But there are other mental conditioning skills you can use to increase your odds of hitting your threats under stress and living to tell the tale.

Speed Kills: Learn How to Shoot Faster by Slowing Down

train your brain: shoot faster

Well, the easy answer is to pull the trigger faster! And unfortunately, that’s what most “instructors” (please check background) will teach. Sure they’ll make stuff up about manipulating the trigger a certain way or having a better grip…so basically you’re saying…do better…to shoot faster?

Vision and Shooting – What Next? (No matter your age)

vision and shooting for any age

Can I get some love? No Matter Your AgeOkay, you might have seen the “Vision and Aging” series and figured it was for old folks.  To some extent, you were probably correct. Maybe you read them, and believe those vision problems are still decades away.  Or perhaps you’ve begun to notice some of the problems covered […]

Why Dry Fire Is More Effective Than Going to the Range

the case for dry fire

OK, I’ll admit it. Convincing you that dry fire is more effective than going to the range is a tall order. How in the world could NOT firing a gun make you a better shooter? Well, I’m up to the challenge and to do it – I’m not even going to talk about dry fire!